Cecily’s Closet is a local non-profit that helps those with special needs by recycling durable medical goods, providing free belly bands for those with G or J tube feeds, as well as room makeovers for kids who spend a significant amount of time in their rooms do to their disability.

They are currently asking organizations to nominate families in San Diego for room makeovers which would occur in 2015. Ideal family candidates have one or more children with disabilities aged 0-17, are from families with low or moderate income, and spend a good deal of time in their rooms.  The family is involved in the design decision initially to determine need, theme, etc. and then volunteers begin a process of finding items and creating art as part of the surprise reveal at the end.

Cecily’s Closet provides: New or recycled furnishings, bedding, cleaning, new paint and murals, accessories and window coverings, organizational tools and furnishings, sensory items, and some toys and books. Their volunteers are mostly local businesses, fellow parents and design professionals. Even if the family rents, they can usually find decorative and imaginative solutions to make the space more exciting and livable for the child.

Cecily’s Closet does not provide: modifications to home structure, new durable medical goods, specialized hospital beds, Hoyer lifts, electrical work, removing walls, etc.

Nominations will close soon.  To nominate a family, please follow this link: http://www.cecilyscloset.org/room-makeovers.html