Special Needs Resource List San Diego & Imperial Valley

Special Needs Resource List San Diego & Imperial Valley

San Diego Family Magazine publishes Flourishing Families, the annual special needs resource guide for families and agencies in San Diego and Imperial County. It is a comprehensive list of behavior, education and health resources and more.

Quick Links for SAN DIEGO COUNTY Resources that Support Specific Disabilities and Diagnoses

ADD/ADHD  |  Autism  |  Blindness  |  Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries  | Cancer | Cerebral Palsy  |  Cystic Fibrosis  |  Deaf/Hard of Hearing   |  22Q 11.2 Deletion/DiGeorge Syndrome/VCFSDiabetes  |  Down Syndrome  |  Dyslexia  | Epilepsy  |  Fragile X  |  Guillain-Barre Syndrome  |  Lupus  |    Tourette Syndrome  |  Miscellaneous Illnesses

Quick Links for SAN DIEGO COUNTY Resource Listing by Area of Need

Adaptive Equipment, Assistive Technology and Purposeful Play  |  Advocacy  |  Assessment and Evaluation  |  Audiology/Hearing  |  Behavioral and Mental Health  |  Camps and Enrichment Programs  |  Clothing  |  College and the Adult Transition  |  Conflict Resolution/Mediation  |  Dental Health  |  Developmental Delay  | Disaster Preparedness | Education  |  Financial Planning & Trusts  | Fitness | Foster Care & Adoptive Services  |  General Health  |  Genetic Testing & Prenatal Screening  |  Hair Salons  |  Home Improvement/Home Buying/Utilities  | Homelessness | Hospice | In-Home Support Services  |   Inclusion  |  Independent Living  |  Infant & Toddler Specific  | Insurance/Medi-calIntegrative Approach to Therapies  | Learning Disabilities | Life Necessity Supports | Medical Travel AidMedications Free or Reduced Cost  | Military SpecificMusic TherapyNeuro Products  | Nonprofit Family Residences  | Nutrition/Feeding/Home Health ProductsOccupational Therapy  |  Parent and Family Resources  |  Party Planning and Special Events  |  Photography and Artistic Services  |  Physical Therapy  |  Research Study ParticipationRecreation  | Residential and Supported Living| Respite/Childcare/Skilled Nursing  |  Safety  | Self-Determination Education/Support | Sex Ed and Sexual IdentitySocial Skills Programs  |  Speech and Language Therapeutic Riding Programs/Hippotherapy  |  Therapy Dogs/Canine Service Organizations  | TransportationVacation & TravelVision Health  |  Vocational Training and Employment Options  |  Worship  |  Yoga  |  Miscellaneous Organizations

Quick Links for IMPERIAL VALLEY Resource Listings

Adaptive, Advocacy, Behavioral and Mental Health, Dental Health, Developmental Delay Assessment, Education, Foster Care and Adoptive Services, General Health, Hospice, Hippotherapy & Therapeutic Riding, Independent Living, Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapies, Parent and Family Resources, Recreation, Respite and Skilled Nursing, Transportation, Vision Health, Vocational Training, Worship.

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