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A Touch of Country Vacations
Year-round vacation options for people with disabilities made by a registered travel agent. Flexible payment options. SDRC vendored.
Ramona, CA

Autism on the Seas
Provides staffed cruises on Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Norwegian, Disney and Carnival Cruise lines for those with a cognitive, intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Curb Free with Cory Lee
Award-winning travel blog in which a disabled globe-traveler with Spinal Muscular Atrophy-Type 2 shares travel tips and fun, accessible spots to vacation.

Gator Gauntlet Zip Line at Gatorland
Accessible zip line allows most people who use mobility devices to soar 350 feet above the breeding marsh that has 130 gators. The special sling allows riders to be in a reclined position with neck supported.
Orlando, FL
407-855-5496 x226

Morgan’s Wonderland
San Antonio theme park designed with more than 25 attractions for all ages and abilities. Inspiration Island, a fully accessible waterpark, is open during summer months.
San Antonio, TX

Sheraton Park Hotel Anaheim MAX (Member of Autism Care Services) Program
Comprehensive program for guests with Autism or developmental delay including specialty menus, adaptive eating utensils, loaned iPads, weighted vests and exercise balls, oversized stroller rentals, and Autism-aware babysitting services.

(See listing under Adaptive Equipment)

Wheelie Campers Australia
Offers accessible travel support in Australia for those with mobility challenges, including short-term accommodations, campervan rental, all-inclusive packages and more.

Wilderness Inquiry Families Integrating Together
Outdoor vacation program providing support in the form of staff, personal care attendants, adapted equipment and financial assistance to help make the outdoors accessible for all.

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